2021 Deadwood Knee

April 19, 2021
Deadwood Knee

Deadwood Knee

The timber was identified as a Deadwood Knee, the piece of timber joining the bow to the keel of a ship. It was found by Geoff Brown on the beach at Lorne between the cypress tree carpark and Stony Creek April 2021. It was recovered by workers from GORCAPA and left to dry out in their depot until 2023.

It was analysed by Maritime Heritage who took a sample of the wood and identified it as eucalyptus crebra, commonly known as narrow-leaved red-ironbark suggesting the ship was built in Australia.

The three known Australian-built shipwrecks of the area are Henry, Otway and Trader. It is understood that the Trader was sunk below the turn-out car park as you come off Big Hill towards Lorne. This suggests the Trader is the likely source of this Deadwood Knee.