Lorne Historical Society Exhibition 100 Years of Disaster

On 16th February 2024 the Lorne Historical Society opened its latest exhibition, “100 Years of Natural Disasters”. The opening coincided with the 41st anniversary of Ash Wednesday.

The exhibition curated by Gary Allen, is more than bushfires. It looks at the effects on our township of floods, high seas, storms and the pandemic.

The exhibition is open every Sunday from 10.00 am until noon and the Society encourages people to record their stories. The Society wishes to thank the local CFA and Dee Stewart, in particular, for the loan of memorabilia. Also to the Anglesea Historical Society for their assistance.






Spanish Flu was an early pandemic that made its mark on Lorne. “Keverell”, 16 Armytage Street owned by Mrs Topp was used as a hospital during the Spanish influenza epidemic in 1919 and was run by a local lady who was a nurse and had been authorised by the Winchelsea Shire Council to take charge.

Covid 19

“Business As Usual” was painted by Simon James Holloway during the first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. The painting was acquired by the Lorne Historical Society thanks to the generous support of Auden and Allan Walls.