Lorne Historical Society FAQ

How does Lorne Historical Society obtain its memorabilia and historical records?

For more than 45 years the people of Lorne and surrounding district have provided the society with a range of historic treasures which feature in our history centre. There are too many people to name individually but we extend our heartfelt thanks to all those people for the historic memorabilia they have provided. It is a great source of tourist information about Lorne, as well as a source of pride and knowledge for locals.

Where did the historical society’s photographs of Lorne and The Great Ocean Road come from?

The Lorne Historical Society members acknowledge with deep gratitude and thanks, the tremendous amount of photographic work, research and assistance given to them by Keith Cecil, late of Anglesea; and to Peter and Marg Cecil for their kind permission, allowing the society to display his work and to make his research available to the public. Photographs, glass negatives and other material are from The Rose Stereographic Company of Melbourne, The Latrobe Library – Victoria, The Mitchell Library – New South Wales and The Geelong Historic Records Centre.

Do you receive financial support for your Lorne history centre work?

Becoming a member of the Lorne Historical Society helps our finances and we have also received financial assistance from The Australian Bicentennial Authority, The Winchelsea Shire Council, The Victorian Ministry for the Arts and The Surf Coast Shire, which we acknowledge and appreciate.

We’ve heard a lot about Lorne and The Great Ocean Road and, as visitors, need a little tourist information. Can we visit the Lorne history centre and tour The Great Ocean Road on a day trip from Melbourne?

Lorne Historical Society and its members implore interstate and overseas visitors not to try to make the trip from Melbourne to Lorne and back again in a day. Apart from being too far for a safe day trip from Melbourne, one day is nowhere near long enough to take in the sights of Lorne and The Great Ocean Road. The township of Lorne is one of Victoria’s treasures. Get hold of as much tourist information about the town as you can and plan to spend a long weekend or, better still, a week so you can pore over the information in the Lorne history centre and The Great Ocean Road Heritage Centre, enjoy a historical walking tour of Lorne and take in the breathtaking beauty of the Otways.

Do you have to be young and fit to join in the historical walking tour of Lorne?

Obviously the fitter and healthier you are, the more you will enjoy our Lorne walking tours but you certainly don’t have to be an athlete. Historical walking tours of Lorne are a relaxed excursion of the town’s features, pointing out various highlights from Lorne’s indigenous and European past. The walks take about two hours to complete and we have participants of all age groups and levels of fitness. If you’re in doubt, please get in touch and we’ll happily advise you.