“Ravenswood” c 1890s, 70 Smith Street, Lorne.

The late 1890s house with its spreading verandah and fine timber work, as well as its major frontage to what would have been one of the great sea views, shows the advantage taken of one of Lorne’s choice locations. The square, flagpole-topped tower set to one side with a diminutive ‘widows walk’ iron balustrade, draws attention to the substance of the original owners, the Buick family of Ravenswood near Bendigo.

Ravenswood was originally set on three acres of land, and built by Andrew Sanger. As one of Lorne’s large timber 1890s seaside houses, it is a distinctive reminder of times past.

In its time, it was owned by the headmistress of Fintona Girls’ School and subsequently bequeathed to the school for use by senior students. Later it returned to private ownership.

(Extract from Lorne Heritage Walk brochure)


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