The Jarratt Family


Geoff Jarratt and Lyndon Jarratt

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(Source: Lorne Independent edition?? Susan Sutton article ‘Black and white to full colour’)

The Jarratt family have a long association with Lorne. Albert Jarrett obtained a licence in 1912 to start a 110v D.C. supply in Lorne, using a water-cooled Lister engine generator behind 46 Mountjoy Parade called “the battery room”. A single wire and an earth return supplied a navigation light to the pier with the earth return being a water pipe into the sea. The pipe eventually rusted out and, when the sea rushed in, it emitted intermittent light, causing much interest and confusion to shipping. Albert had three sons: Lyn, Merv and Geoff. Lyn had a photography shop and worked as a projectionist with the Lorne Theatre. Merv Jarratt managed the theatre. Geoff Jarratt operated a steam laundry.

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